Lieutenant Bral Magnamus

Name Bral Drac Magnamus

Position Group Commander

Rank Lieutenant


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Sat Oct 29th, 2022 @ 11:02pm

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Tellarite
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 4' 7
Weight 245
Hair Color Flaming Red w/ black streaks
Eye Color Purple
Physical Description Bral is a shorty overly stocky Tellarite. He dyes his hair and beard red and black and braids. This is in defference to the holos that he has seen of earth's Vikings. His tusks are extensive and he has had them scrimshawed with axes, again for the Vikings he is in awe of. His nose protrudes back a little farther than most Tellrites, so he had a piercing put in to accentuate it even more.


Father Avol Magnamus
Mother Sreca Magnamus
Other Family Beo Ga Wolfen( adopted Brother) Npc

Capt. Dale Dean (first Starfleet contact)Npc

Bree Du Vaku (Best friend and wingman.) Npc

Personality & Traits

General Overview ike most Tellrites, he is stern and can come off as mean and cold-hearted. his large size hides the quickness that he does possess. He was top of his class on Telluride in mechanics and Flight training. Has a fondness for dogs, not as food but as a pet, and has an earth English bulldog.
Strengths & Weaknesses Very Mechanical and can push any vehicle to its limits.
quick reflexes which help him pilot his fighter past its limits.
Overly Charming and Believable

He has a tendency to like to drink and gamble.
considers any squadron he is in as family which can lead to a poor or dangerous decision.

both: He is a scrounger who can find any part for anything but asks you don't ask where he got it from. this also can lead to his fighters having mods that are not standard issues. But, he can almost get you any part you might need.
Ambitions His main ambition is to rise through the ranks and maybe get his own inceptor or attack craft and be on the front lines of any Starfleet conflict to help protect the federation and his home world.
Hobbies & Interests a voracious reader of anything technical and mechanically related.
Plays chess and other strategy games to help keep his mind sharp.
Loves dancing and music of all kinds.
Constantly tries to learn as many languages as he can since translators are cheating he says.

wants to learn lyre, Pan Pipe, and guitar.

Personal History Bral grew up on Telluride to a pair of merchant parents. His earliest memo0ries have servants and nannies. He watched all the holos his parents would bring to him. His favorite depicted the Vikings of ancient earth's past. He was teased mercilessly for having nannies and servants. Not wanting to look soft he was in a lot of fights growing up.

Anytime he saw a kid being bullied he stepped in and helped that child. One of these interventions led to his long-time friend Beo. the two were inseparable and did everything together. both read about Vikings and other warlike peoples from across the galaxy.

As soon as the two were of age they joined the Telluride defense force. Bral excelled at both martial fighting and ranged combat. he did better than average in school excelling in mechanical classes and vehicle maintenance.
Service Record Tellurian Military Record
Age 19 – Private in the marines battle of T87654 Mining Colony. (Field Promoted to Lance Corporal.)
Age 20 – Sent back to Academy and trained in Flight for Adamant fighters and New Maul drop ships From Starfleet Rank transferred to warrant officer.
Age 25 – Final Promotion to Master Warrant Officer - Telleran Marine Corp.
Age 29 – Graduation from Starfleet academy (Fighter Pilot and Interpreter Focus)

Assigned USS Astrea - Fighter Wing Commander Rank Lieutenant