Lieutenant Keth Soban

Name Keth Soban

Position Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Huanni
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 7'2"
Weight 210kg
Hair Color Orange with yellow stripes
Eye Color Gold with black irises
Physical Description Think back. All the way back. Before slipstream drive, before antimatter, steam power, the loom, and flint axe heads. Now that we're at our destination, engage the fine mammalian fetish for finding patterns in the abstract, the same ones that kept you from being eaten alive by tigers and finding God's in coincidences.

Keth's like that. Not like God, but not evolutionary far from the sabretooth tiger that narrowly missed editing your greatest ancestor out of the gene pool and making you a paradox. Where humanity took 30'000 years to evolve to tool users, and a another 10'000 to get to faster than light travel, the Huanni did it in half the time. That's not a brag, the Huanni are a fur clog damming up The Great Filter that usually keeps emotionally unstable species from spreading out into the local stellar group.

Like the Klingons.
Or the Cardassians.
Or...well actually there is a lot of species out there that really shouldn't have gotten past the stage of atomics before becoming an archaeologist pass time.

If Caitian's are likened to Earth cats, then Huanni could be likened to Big Cats. Males tend to have a mane. And evolving on a high gee planet makes them strong, and dense. This brings us back to the evolutionary biology section of this section.

That whilst the Huanni are quick studies, and pick up ideas and practises quickly, biologically they are less evolved than most. Their adrenal system is a lot less complex than say a Vulcans.

When a Huanni is happy, it's a time of celebration and joyous goodwill.
When a Huanni is the life boats and load the tranq guns.


Spouse Not yet.
Children Hope not.
Father Raggey Soban
Mother Fizzla Soban
Brother(s) A score
Sister(s) A bakers dozen
Other Family ....Why is this box so small to contain such a big number?

Personality & Traits

General Overview Keth wants to keep people safe. Safe from harm, safe from misunderstanding, and on occasion safe from himself. (Footnote: This was due to a prank played on him by the Delta Shift of the USS Atlantis, wherein a zombie film was shown to him as 'dramatised news footage'. The USS Atlantis still has a dent in it.)

Keth's eagerness to please, fulfil his duty, and be the best damn Huanni he can be can sometimes come out as nativity, But that's why he's eager to learn new things, and experience new things. Every accident is a chance to learn something new. Such as best practise around visiting diplomats, the proper following of security vetting, and how many individual bones there are in the unaugmented human body.
Strengths & Weaknesses Keth is loyal to a fault. His crew is his clan, and his clan must be protected at all costs. This has lead to a few misunderstandings, and one minor peace agreement with the Klingon Empire following an incident involving a rabid targ and the use of a fellow bridge officer as a blunt weapon. (Commander Fitzwilliam made a full recovery following this, and is credited for his role in smoothing a border conflict with the Klingons. The diplomatic lounge though...well some sacrifices have to be borne.)

Due to the unevolved nature of Huanni biology, Keth can sometimes take things either too literally or fill in the gaps with assumptions. This, coupled with his loyalty to the crew, is both a boon and a burden.
Ambitions To find the 32nd flavour of Baskins & Robins.
Hobbies & Interests Posable animatronic models of famous 23rd Century Huanni explorers.

Totally not action figures.

Regardless of the sound effects and kung-fu action.

Personal History Keth was raised on Huan, the Huanni homeworld for those not able to make the leap across the puddle of vexatious vocalalitation. Huan is a crowded planet of 20 billion souls, residing in high rise towers that cover most of the single supercontinent and many of the orbital stations.

Whereas most races went to the stars for conquest and science, the Huanni space program was an attempt to get a good fraction of their growing population out of the proverbial parent's basement. As you can imagine when Starfleet encountered the Huanni, and learned a fast-breeding species was beginning its first forays into interstellar space, they were quick to jump in help them find ways of filling up their solar system instead of flooding the galaxy. The Edwards Protocol is something few Starfleet Captians take seriously, until they are facing down a new form of Tribble with a warp drive.

Once off Huan, Keth applied to join Starfleet. Physical tests, as well as team-building exercises he excelled at, sometimes literally carrying the team to victory or just up onto the stage. He also did well with scholarly endeavours, though his record is littered with black marks from cultural misunderstandings.

As a security officer in Starfleet Keth is a keen observer, and often cites this fact right before walking into door arches: Starfleet designs for a median height, not the Huanni door blockers. He is a bombastic force of nature, who is more than willing to fling himself into danger to save a crewmate.

(Footnote: See the Huanni Cat-a-pult incident of the USS Hansen.)
Service Record Starfleet Academy-Security/Tactical Track
USS Oberth-Training Cruise

USS Atlantis (Slightly dented, both ship and Executive Officer. Neither limps very much anymore.)

USS Hansen (No longer welcome in Orion space following the parabolic flight of Keth into the window of the High Vissar's personal office. Thus was due diplomatic talks went on too long and far of a kidnapping had been planted in Keths mind.)

USS Liverpool (Warp core missing...found shortly after ejection. Cover placed on the button, and Keth barred from Engineering under pain of death.)

USS Harrington (Crew under investigation following a plot to assassinate the President of the United Federation of Planets. Keth's conspiracy wall of proof was, at the time, very convincing until the precursor event for his alarming call to SFI was found out to be the curse of an overworked junior officer: 'I'd kill for a break'.)

Foot Note: Captians are warned that making up an excuse to transfer Keth Soban out of their command 'Just because' is no longer a justified answer. Other excuses no longer tolerated by Starfleet Logistics include the following: allergies, scientifically impractical levels of bad luck, missing parts of the ships infrastructure, the loss of a commanding officers 'will to live', fur inside neural gel packs (...somehow...) and the fact that the laser sights on a Type 6 phaser rifle have landed Keth in sickbay on several occasions.

He's one biped, not the Borg.
(Yes...but the Borg want to assimilate us, Keth wants to be our friend. Big difference.)