Lieutenant Naomi McLaren

Name Naomi Leanne McLaren

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Weight 143 lbs
Hair Color Brunette
Eye Color Hazel


Spouse Wyatt Hoseth (Deceased)
Children Celeste (Female/3)
Father Taylor
Mother Hannah
Brother(s) Rory, Jackson

Personality & Traits

General Overview Naomi McLaren has a very calm demeanor about her. She’s a caring and loving mother to her daughter. And, while her daughter does take precedence, Naomi is interested in advancing her career. She would like to one day return to school in order to receive her Master’s Degree and perhaps to even teach at the Academy at some point. She does not make friends easily and still prefers to be very much alone. Naomi has yet to get over the death of Wyatt despite their relationship having been strained just before his death.

Personal History Naomi McLaren was born in 2366 as the only daughter to Hannah and Taylor McLaren. She is their youngest child after their two sons Rory and Jackson. Naomi’s father served predominantly on board freighters for much of his career. Naomi and her siblings grew up on board these freighters. They were each homeschooled by their mother Hannah who, before marriage, worked as a schoolteacher on Earth.

Throughout Naomi’s adolescence and early teenage years she was fascinated with spatial dynamics and desired to learn all that she could about how stellar bodies functioned. This carried her through school until she turned seventeen years old. Naomi decided on a career in Starfleet and took the Starfleet entrance examinations while her father’s freighter was orbiting Deneva. Naomi was one of six selected and departed for Starfleet Academy in the fall after turning eighteen that summer.

From 2384 until 2388 Naomi attended Starfleet Academy with a focus in Astrophysics. In 2385 she spent her sophomore year on board Starbase 47 and studied several star clusters that were known to Starfleet for a major project that she would complete. Following her senior year at Starfleet Academy Naomi would be assigned to serve aboard the USS Annapolis as the ship’s Astrophysics Officer.

Naomi had a relatively slow start to her career on board the USS Annapolis and made very few friends while there. She dedicated much of her time to research and study, but the Chief Science Officer would take a liking to her. After Naomi’s first year she was not selected for promotion, however, the Chief Science Officer, named Wyatt Hoseth, at the time did provide her with several suggestions on how to improve.

In 2390 Naomi was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade and granted the position of Deputy Chief Science Officer on board. That same year she got involved with Wyatt romantically. Naomi would end up pregnant during the first year of their relationship, however, they never married. Early in 2391 Naomi would give birth to a baby girl that they would name Celeste.

In 2393 tragedy would strike the young couple when Wyatt would be severely injured during an away mission and placed on life support. Ultimately Naomi would decide to take Wyatt off of life support with the agreement and approval of his parents. A year later in 2394 Naomi would take her daughter and leave the USS Annapolis for a position as Chief Science Officer aboard the USS Astraea.
Service Record 2384-2388: Starfleet Academy, Astrophysics
2388-2390: USS Annapolis, Ensign, Astrophysics Officer
2390-2394: USS Annapolis, Lieutenant JG, Asst. Science Officer
2394-Present: USS Astraea, Lieutenant, Chief Science Officer