Ensign Rajeo

Name Rajeo

Position Engineering Officer

Rank Ensign


  • 8 Mission Posts

Last Post

Thu Jan 27th, 2022 @ 2:13pm

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Deltan
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 6’1.5”
Weight 180LBS
Hair Color Bald
Eye Color Cerulean
Physical Description Rajeo is a statuesque Deltan male. He can be described as “pretty”.

Ran often wears vintage spectacles, to assist in his vision. He would correct it with Retinax, but Raj is unfortunately allergic to a component of Retinax.


Father Renji
Mother Jemea

Personality & Traits

General Overview Rajeo is a genuinely fun loving guy. He gets very into his work, but always finds time for leisure.

Personal History Rajeo was born on the Ninetieth Day of Vorsathon in Decron City on Delta IV, to parents Jemea and Renji. His upbringing was mostly traditional. He was an only child and spent many days watching his parents work in their dress shop both designing clothes and mending garments. During this time he was taught the importance of helping people, his parents would often make clothing to donate to those less fortunate.

When he was still quite young, his parents had their marriage dissolved. This time became tumultuous for the young boy, feeling as if he had to choose which parent he preferred. With the bad blood pooling between his parent's, Rajeo watched as the dress shop where he found comfort was fought over and eventually sold. Rajeo stayed with his mother, the two moved to an apartment in the city center. Rajeo, filled with sadness following his parent’s separation, threw himself into school and excelled. His grades were good and he exceeded his community support requirement that is the staple of Deltan schooling.

When Rajeo was old enough, he applied to the Decron Centre for Higher Learning to study Interpersonal Applied Sciences. After his acceptance he studied for several years and became involved in Warp Theory through a mentor in his program. He spent much of his time consumed with studies, so much so that when he completed his degree he made the decision to apply to Starfleet Academy to continue studying. After a rigorous application and pre-examination process Rajeo was accepted.His focus was on the Engineering track, hoping to build on the knowledge he already had on the subject.

As a Deltan, part of joining Starfleet included pheromone blockers. A hypospray that needed to be administered monthly. Deltan pheromones are so strong that mating with non-Deltan can be so dangerous it can cause madness. Formerly an oath of celibacy was required for Deltan in service to Starfleet. But with medical advancements the pheromone blocker was now the best option.

In his third year Rajeo met a fellow Engineering cadet, a Vulcan man, the name of Decan. They became very close and briefly shared an intimate relationship. Ultimately it was deemed ‘logical’ for the pair to part ways, as assignments to different posts would definitely take them apart.

Rajeo stayed on Earth for the entirety of his four years at the Academy, not visiting Delta even once. His mother would call a few times a month, but mostly believed in allowing Rajeo to live his life independently.

When it came time for graduation Rajeo’s father and his new lover were the only ones who attended to support him. It was the first time Rajeo had seen his father in person since shortly after his parents split. The reconnection brought forward a new set of facts about the separation. It seems Rajeo’s father fell in love with a man and could no longer stay with his ex wife. Rajeo was overjoyed to have his father back in his life, and spent nearly a month with him and his new stepfather while he awaited his first posting.