Lieutenant Farizah Alani

Name Farizah Alani

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Bolian
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Hair Color None
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description There is no mistaking her shiny bald blue dome and bifurcating cartilaginous ridge running down her head and chest; she’s as Bolian as cliffs of Bole. Cobalt based blood humanoid with a highly corrosive internal chemistry; Farizah Alani like any healthy full-blooded member of her species is immune to or partially resilient against dozens of known toxins, with the ability to digest some rather unpleasant things.

Relatively small in stature with a petit yet athletic figure, a solid core, and demonstrates proper posture. Standing only a few inches past five feet, Farizah is not physically imposing to anyone. Even most Ferengi could look her in the eyes or not have to look up to her; however, what she lacks in brute force she more than adequately compensates for in charisma, nerve, and grit. Her unyielding loyalty to duty and relentless determination make her qualified to hold the posts that she does.


Spouse Divorced/Annulled
Children None that are biologically hers.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sassy and seductive, Farizah Alani does not fuss around with frivolous matters of sex and gender. Sometimes, flirting gets you what you need, and she's a woman who will go to whatever lengths are needed to get what is needed albeit Farizah will not compromise her own ethics to do so. Meticulous about almost everything that she does, Farizah is not known for having a lazy nor laxed work effort. Her workstations are always left in pristine condition, reports are always filed on time and pertain to the standardized parameters put into place. With her, there is a place for everything and everything in its place. She strongly believes in prioritizing rather multi-tasking, better to excel at the most important or crucial task than underperform at everything presented before her. Though it is a generalization for her species, she is stereotypically a good natured Bolian; always prepared to greet you with a smile.

Though phasers are her standard service weapon, she comes heavily armed with a sense of serene tranquility, an excellent arbitrator and negotiator, a diffuser of tense and potentially volatile situations. Her background in psychology has made her an asset when dealing with a plethora of personalities, and her hazard team training has come in handy on more occasions than she dares to recount. Those certainly were not the sort of times one fondly reminisces about.

The safety of the Captain, the crew, and the entire starship rests upon her shoulders. It is inarguably a lot to take on as Security Chief, but Farizah has the right temperament for the position and the responsibilities that come with it. Sometimes, she may take her concern for safety a bit far. She has been known to be a bit overbearing, insisting that she enters a room before anyone else. Her fondness for safety extends to that of everyday operations aboard starships. She has made herself the de facto safety officer, making sure that nobody is doing anything that puts themselves or others at risk. She will call you out for not lifting with your knees or not keeping enough points of contact on a ladder.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Farizah is a responsible, grounded, and disciplined officer. Mostly by the book, but has taken creative liberties with the interpretation of situations, making necessary Farizah amendments on the fly because she has come to realize that classrooms and lecture halls at the academy can only teach you the principles, but principles are not completely applicable in practice. She is as responsible of an officer as you will find in service to Starfleet. Her alarm is always set with ample time to wake up, stretch, get ready, and report for her duty shift fully alert with time to spare. Her levelheadedness lies within her discipline which was put into place by Starfleet; but sharpened through meditative practices and a commitment to a good yoga regimen.

Weaknesses: It goes without saying that Farizah does not know everything there is to know: one because that is impossible, two because she’s a rather young officer, and lastly because there is always variables to situations; however, she can sometimes act as though she is a know-it-all. This has and will continue to rub some people the wrong way. Some of it naturally is her personality, but parts of it stem from a deeper problem, self-doubt. She has been told on more than one occasion that she’s in over her head. She is never slow to act or respond though. She makes whatever judgement call she needs to make, but if something goes awry, she will find a corner to sulk in alone and lick her wounds, pondering if she had not made the most prudent or wisest course of action.

Fool her once, shame on her. Fool her twice? Not going to happen. One of her greatest weaknesses is her incapacity towards forgiveness. Small little things are easier to forgive, but if you ever do anything to sincerely hurt her feelings or anyone she loves and cares about, you may as well be dead to her. It is very easy to become friends with Farizah; but wield this sword at your own peril for if you betray her, there will be blood. She holds grudges and she will hold them for a lifetime, and she plays the long game. She may not get her revenge in a few days, months, or even a few years, but down the long and winding road of life, turnabout is fair play.

Likewise, if you find yourself indebted to her in any way, shape, or form, Farizah will keep that in mind. She will use that card against you and if it is advantageous for her to do so. When necessary, she will come collecting on that debt. Bolians know business and they know money, be it actual currency or just something of value. She will not lose track of the amount and extent in which you owe her.
Ambitions Lieutenant Farizah Alani is the quietly ambitious type which may see odd for a Bolian, but she will play coy about what she wants, planting the seeds and waiting for the water to overtime make it grow. What she wants right now is to show she is a capable and competent Security Chief; however, she'd like to have more advanced tactical training and potentially do more with intelligence.
Hobbies & Interests She has a bit of a not so secret obsession with music, having learned to play the basics of a few herself; however, she has only truly come close to mastering woodwind instruments. Her best instruments are the conch and ocarina. She tries to make it to every concert or ship function pertaining to music, but her duties and responsibilities tend to keep her away from being anything but a spectator.

Additionally, she has quite the collection of shells from the beaches of many worlds that she has visited. Some of which she turns into jewelry which is another hobby of hers. It is something that she has done since childhood and her skillfulness of it has increased over the years though she doesn’t have as much time these days to devote to it as she once did. Lastly, though it is not something she openly admits, she does have a knack for gambling. Tongo is her preferred game of choice, having embarrassed her fair share of Ferengi with her cunningness and persistence.

Personal History Born near Cha’talla lagoon on the island of Codices in the Losara Ocean of Bolarus IX, Farizah was used to the sights and sounds of marine life, of feeling the pebble and sandy beaches between her toes, watching the rainbow sky sunrises and sunsets as a child. Her parents showed her a great deal of love and support as a child. She lived like many Bolians with her family, immediate and otherwise, all clustered rather closely together, sharing her childhood bedroom with several of siblings and half siblings in a villa with her biological parents and their co-spouses. Though it was not a life of privacy, it certainly did have some luxuries to it. Her mother was masseuse, but her father was an associate bank manger for the Bank of Bolarus. Though the Federation had no need nor want for currency, positions such as her fathers permitted some societal luxuries. She may not have been a princess, but her parents never her made feel any less than such. Though some could say she was pampered as a child, it has not followed her into her Starfleet career.

Farizah had always been a disciplined student even as a child. She took a liking towards musical instruments at a young age and studied woodwind instruments in her primary and secondary education years, becoming part of her school’s orchestra. Her grades were solid. She was consistently in the top ten of her classes and by the completion of her senior year had finished third in academic rankings, missing valedictorian by less than one percentage point. It had been a tight three-way friendly competition that came down to the wire of a final exam which ultimately knocked her to third in academic ranking for her school.

Acquiring a shot at Starfleet Academy was not too difficult for her as she had stellar grades from her fundamental schooling, her parents and their co-spouses were socialites within the Federation, having made enduring friendships with some notable Captains and even lower admiralty. Though as a Federation citizen, Farizah did not need any sponsorship, she received a couple encouraging endorsements they propelled her application to Starfleet Academy through the initial reviewing and sorting process and onto the desk of the Academy Commandant. It was enough to get her application looked; but getting accepted into Starfleet Academy was going to have be done on her own merit.

She was granted approval for entrance examination testing. This was one step closer to acceptance, but also a make or break point for many cadet candidates. The testing was extensive and took place over the course of several days. The tests were done in person and contained everything from work at a computer console to endurance training and survival in dessert conditions to lastly a holodeck simulation which challenged her quick thinking, willingness to make tough decisions, and ability to live with repercussions of her actions as the candidates were not aware that they were in a holodeck nor that what occurred to them was a simulation. It was intense to say the least, but she passed. She passed the all portions of the multilayered examination with high enough marks that she received her letter of acceptance for the upcoming term.

Farizah’s four years at Starfleet Academy came and went by rather quickly. She was so busy with classes and extracurriculars that she neglected what some call the ‘academy life’ which was odd that a Bolian did not partake in the social exploits, but she attended a party or two in her time there. She may have joined some sort of secret sorority, but with everything they had her consent to, she has thought it wise never to mention it. She was a student of Starfleet Academy’s Security and Tactical program, but her declared major was Psychology with a minor in Peace and Conflict Resolution. She was also part of the academy’s orchestra.

During her senior year, Farizah was able to take Starfleet Academy’s highly sought-after field training course, an exclusive course that was limited in seats and had significant requirements. It allowed her two study two semesters aboard the USS Warbler, an aging Springfield class starship serving as one of the academy training vessels. There, she studied closely under Lieutenant Commander Christakis, tactical instructor. The Warbler stuck to the Alpha quadrant, occasionally venturing into the Beta quadrant, but was never too far from a Federation starbase or a tactical escort. Still, field training was an experience that prepared her to the point she was comfortable on a bridge of a starship behind the tactical console.

She graduated from Starfleet Academy with honors, though far away from the top of her graduating class, but modestly above average. Her first official posting as a commissioned officer was to the Norway class starship Hardrada. She was stationed aboard the USS Hardrada as a relief tactical officer for three years as an ensign before being promoted to lieutenant junior grade, continuing for another few years as the Hardrada’s night watch tactical officer. After the Hardrada, she transferred to the Steam-runner class starship, Trotter as the department’s Assistant Chief, receiving a promotion in rank to lieutenant.

After some years aboard the Trotter, and her ears to the ground. She caught wind of the opening aboard the USS Astraea and immediately went through the proper chain to put forth her name for consideration. It was a bit of a longshot and she was not sure if Starfleet was ready to promote her in position, placing her as a department underneath her, but she was confident in her abilities to do so.
Service Record USS Astraea | Chief Tactical Officer/Security Chief |
USS Trotter | Assistant Chief Tactical Officer |
USS Hardrada | Night watch Tactical Officer |
USS Hardrada | Relief Tactical Officer |