K'Lok Maarg

Name K'Lok Maarg

Position Chef


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Klingon
Age 42

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4
Weight 295lb
Hair Color Black
Eye Color black
Physical Description Kaarg (the name he's known as to many people) is a massive Klingon Warrior. He has long, black hair (with some grey) and deep-set, black eyes. He’s as strong as they come and an exceptional warrior in both hand to hand and ranged combat. He is very rarely seen unarmed and unarmoured, even in the kitchen. His dark, piercing eyes and stern, abrasive exterior hide a much gentler and noble soul within.

He prides himself on his ability to serve just about anything requested 'just like mother used to make'


Spouse Graal (Deceased)
Children K'Jorr (Deceased)
Father K'Taarn (Deceased)
Mother Hu'Jek (Deceased)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kaarg is gruff, as blunt as a brick to the face and stoic. His abruptness can be construed as being rude, but this is (mostly) all show. He actually has a very ‘human’ side to his nature, which he only shows to those he truly trusts. His mate, Graal, accepted this in him and nurtured it as, along with his innate Klingon ferocity, made him an ideal protector for his House. Although this didn’t quite go according to plan.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Kaarg is exceptionally strong
He was one of the youngest Warriors to gain the rank of General
Exceptional hand to hand and ranged combat skills (his favoured weapons are the Bat’leth and D’k Tagh)
Pride: Kaarg is proud of his achievements, his heritage and his House and will do almost anything to maintain them (note decade long blood oath).
Vengeful: Once crossed, vengeance will be meted out.
Ambitions To be the best bar-Klingon out there, as well as teh best chef. Not to mention dying in glorious battle!
Hobbies & Interests Cooking
Bar Tending
Klingon Opera

Personal History Fifteen years ago, a younger K’Lok Maarg was involved in a battle where his platoon was betrayed by traitors to the Klingon Empire. These traitors, for whatever reason (Kaarg didn’t care), led his platoon into an ambush. He survived by pretending to be dead (he was sorely wounded and couldn’t fight anyway). Because of this, he knew the identities of the traitors and had evidence of their treachery.
K’Lok was initially shamed and shunned for his tactics but, when the reason why he stayed ‘dead’ was learned, his peers gave him an opportunity to restore his honour and that of his House by hunting those guilty and bringing them to justice; of either the high council or his blade. Unfortunately, those he was to hunt learned of his testimony and decided that he needed to be warned off. To this end, they visited his quarters and tried to persuade Graal to convince him to back down. She refused and there was a fight. When Kaarg returned home, he found his dead wife and son and a datapadd she’d managed to set up to record the meeting. Kaarg swore the blood oath on the spot and spent much of the next ten years travelling. He served on a number of vessels (including several Federation ones) as he hunted his quarry, posing as a bartender and later, chef. He discovered his love of cooking, for many species and styles whilst on this hunt and is now one of the best trained chefs there is.
It took nearly a decade to find them all but eventually, his tenacity and bullheadedness prevailed. He either killed or brought back all of those who betrayed him and the Empire.
With his House restored and honour proven, K’Lok Maarg now sits at the head of his House. Because of his past, he has many friends (and more than a few enemies) across the quadrant. The High Council decided that he would be a perfect Ambassador to the Federation for the Klingon Empire (Kaarg feels that they are having a laugh at his expense).