Lieutenant Jack Carver

Name Jack Maria Carver

Position Group Commander

Rank Lieutenant


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Wed Oct 16th, 2019 @ 7:04pm

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 37

Physical Appearance

Height 1m80
Weight 86kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Tall, powerfully built, a tousled head of brown hair and an almost unkempt mustache and beard, piercing brown eyes and an ever faint smile, Jack Carver is a handsome man and he knows it. He puts care into maintaining his outwardly casual appearance, without being vain.


Spouse Gwyn Carver Wendehlson (deceased)
Children n/a
Father John Carver
Mother Wilma Carver Johnston

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jack carries himself with confidence and acts the part of a cocksure, headstrong ace pilot, though he's been known to soften up when needed. Never too busy to give his friends his time and a kind word, though not one to ask for the same in kind.

In his younger years Jack was a real womanizer and though age as well as losing his young wife has mellowed him considerably, he still has a certain suaveness and charm about him.

On duty he shows his serious streak and can be hard-ass when he feels he needs to be.
Strengths & Weaknesses Jack is a perfectionist and will not tolerate anything less than perfection from himself and those that serve under him. Despite that he's still more ready to forgive mistakes by others than by himself, and seems to hold himself to almost impossible standards.

Jack is a hard worker and a very capable pilot, able to delegate when appropriate, though not likely to ask for help when he needs it.
Ambitions To be the single best fighter pilot Starfleet has ever seen. To fly the greatest, fastest and most powerful fighters that exist or ever will, and prove his mastery over them.
Hobbies & Interests A fairly typical fighter jock, Jack likes anything that goes fast, especially if there's an element of risk involved, like racing any kind of vehicle.

Outside of that he works out to keep his toned body in shape, jogging, swimming, climbing, even some moderate weightlifting.

Furthermore he enjoys a good holomovie as well as old and classic monstermovies.

Finally he has a smooth baritone singing voice and plays the electric bass.

Personal History Jack was born on earth in Louisiana, an only child to farmers John and Wilma Carver. He grew up on the farm, learning about hard and honest work from a young age, and the physical labor also helped shape him into the strong and athletic man he is today. Even as he grew up he was the target of all the girls' attention, much to the envy of all the boys.

He established a reputation as a troublemaker and risk-taker throughout his youth, racing tractors, cars, bikes, any sort of vehicle he could get his hands on - sometimes with disastrous consequences. His family had to replace vehicles on multiple occasions after Jack crashed them. Even then, it was clear that Jack had a talent for racing, and piloting in general, as he crashed considerably less vehicles than someone of lesser talent would've.

When he came of age he moved to San Francisco to enlist in Starfleet. There he majored in flight control with secondary in tactical, a specialization in small craft, and fighters in particular. His reputation as a womanizer and troublemaker only grew during his years in the academy. Many a young maiden was left behind brokenhearted when he became engaged to young scientist Gwyn Wendehlson, whom he married the day after he graduated.

Tragically, the USS River Plate, the ship they both served on was lost in a spatial anomaly, with only the fighter pilots surviving, as they were out on perimeter patrol when the River Plate fell to the anomaly. It is still a mystery to this day, seven years later, what caused containment to fail on the River Plate's warp core.

After some time spent grieving for his loss, he dove head first back into his work. His ship gone, he was transferred to the USS Thermopylae, where he honed his skills both in the pilot seat a well as commanding other pilots, and he made his way to the position of Wing Commander.

Finally, he was put in command of a wing of the latest and greatest KD-56 gryphon heavy multirole fighters and assigned a wing of Razor interceptors, and stationed onboard the USS Astraea. Here, his story continues ...